Hello Everyone, Happy new year to you all, I hope you are doing well! In today’s post, I’ll be dropping an article on one of my favorite dish. It’s a very simple, fresh and tasty dish from Ghana called “Kenkey” which is usually served with grilled, dried or fried fish, shrimps and seasoned pepper sauce. Yummy Right?

But before we go into the recipe you must know most that there are different variations of making Kenkey (the cooking methods usually differs by ethnic group), the most common types are Ga Kenkey and Fante Kenkey. The Ga kenkey is more widespread in most parts of Ghana.
Making kenkey involves letting the maize ferment before cooking. Therefore, preparation takes a few days in order for the dough to ferment. After fermentation, the kenkey is cooked, wrapped in banana leaves, corn husks, or foil, and steamed.
i. 3 cups white stone-grounded cornmeal (not de-germinated type)
ii. 1 tablespoom corn starch
iii. 2-3 cups of warm water 
iv. 1 teaspoon salt
v. dry corn husks, banana leafs or foil
Traditional Method
1. In a large clean container add the corn flour with enough warm water to dampen all of it. Mix well. Cover the container with a clean cloth. Set it in a warm place, such as a warm oven or on top a refrigerator, for two to three days. Fermentation may take longer than two days, especially in cool climates. (N/B: a warm oven is an oven that has been heated for a few minutes then turned off. The flour should ferment, and not cook.) When it is well fermented, it should have a slightly sour, but not an unpleasant aroma like rising bread dough. Overly fermented corn flour will not taste right.
Prepare the corn flour as described above, and let it ferment for about six hours. After that mix one tablespoon of vinegar into the wet corn flour. Once the fermented dough is ready, prepare the Kenkey according to the following methods.
1. Knead the fermented dough with your hands until you have a smooth paste or till it is thoroughly mixed and slightly stiffened. Then divide the dough into two equal round parts.
2. In a clean large pan, add one cup of water  and boil, when boiled add little salt and slowly add one part of the fermented dough. Cook it for 10minutes, stirring constantly and vigorously. Remove from heat. This half of the dough is called the “aflata”
3. Combine the aflata with the remaining uncooked dough. Mix well. Divide the aflata dough mixture into serving size pieces. Wrap the pieces tightly in a banana leaf, maize leaf or corn husks, or a foil. But Banana leaves are more flexible if they have been briefly warmed in a hot oven or a pan of boiling water. The wrapped dough should look like burritos or tamales. Cooking string can be used in tying the wrapping close.
4. Place the wrapped dough on a wire rack above water in a large pan and bring to a boiling point and steam for 1-3 hours, depending on the size and thickness. And you’re done. Your Kenkey is ready to be served with shito sauce (a spicy sauce native to Ghana), which is diced or grounded red /or green pepper, and fish.
Enjoy Your Home Made Kenkey!

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