Let God reign in what ever you do in life, let His word have dominion over you so that the grace of God will flow mightily upon your life and everything that comes in contact with you. You have to yield yourself to His Word, because you never can tell where your help or success may come from.
Today am treating on a different topic that says, HEALTHY EATING.
Now lets get started


In the western world, Healthy eating is one of the most important things that is being put into consideration aside from Education.
Besides, we Nigerians as a developing country should also cultivate the habit of being conscious of what we eat and its’ health value in our body system.
There is an adage that says “Health is Wealth”
Healthy eating, it is not all about your balance diet alone, rather it is nothing, but how hygienic your kitchen, plates, cups and food intake is, the quantity of the food intake, the quality of the health value it has in the body system.
To mention a few, we have
(1) The Fatty Food
(2) The Proteinous Food
(3) The Vitamins Food
(4) The Fibre Food
(5) The Carbohydrate Food
(6) The Mineral Food
Healthy eating also involves the avoidance of bad habit of cooking such as,
1. Excess heating of oil till it smokes.
2. Too much stirring of food during cooking.
3. Not rinsing your ingredients properly before cooking [meat, fish, e.t.c]
Most importantly, after mentioning this, it is essential for us to include the regular intake of “Clean/Treated Water” and continuous “Exercise”
In todays’ discussion, i would like to start with the regular consumption of Clean Water and Exercise. Subsequently, i would also throw more light on others.
1. The things that constitute to our health today is “Water”
water cleans the systems in our body, by washing out most of the waste products and some chemicals that can be harmful to the body.
Inorder words, it is important to consume clean water regularly, inorder to avoid dehydration.
2. Exercise is one of the most important thing the human body needs on regular bases, just like the daily consumption of foods.
The benefits of exercise can not be over emphasised.
(1) It burns down fat in the body
(2) It makes you look smart and flexible.
(3) It also boost the immune system in the human body.
We will discuss the second part of it in few weeks’ time.

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